Fire Monk

Martial Discipline

At 3rd level, you may use Dexterity instead of Strength for unarmed attacks.

Enhanced Strike

At 3rd level, you may deal additional damage when you cast a spell. This is 1d4 and increases to 2d4 at 10th level, 3d4 at 15th level, and 4d4 at 20th level.

Extra Attack

At 6th level, you may attack twice instead of once when you select this as an Action.


At 9th level, you gain increased speed that begins at +10, then +15 at 13th level, and +20 at 17th level.

Potent Flame

At 12th level, your fire attacks are incredible, overcoming resistances and making immunities reduced to resistances. Additionally, if someone has a weakness to fire, it is dealt double damage and if a creature has no resistance or weaknesses, damage is increased by 25%.

Inflamed Aeriodridth

At 15th level, as a free action, you may activate Inflamed Aeriodridth. If you do, for that turn enemies within 10ft of you take 1d4 fire damage. Ranged attacks deal reduced damage equal to half your level and melee attacks deal damage equal to half your level. If you use a fire spell this turn, the damage dealt and damage reduction are doubled. This can be activated equal to your Charisma modifier.

Denizen of the Elemental Monk

At 18th level, if you are attacked by a spell or any other attack, once a turn, you may activate this as a reaction to the attack. If you do, the enemy must roll an additional attack equal to 10+ half your spell-casting modifier, +CHA mod, +DEX mod.

Fire Monk

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