Besheke Ma'iingan

The bard who will do anything for fame.


Any good bard of Klash knows all the legends. They know all the stories from the far North to the bitter South- from Admiral Seabaron to Zyandir the Red. But yet, how many bards themselves become one of the legends?

This single thought is what sparked a young bard named Besheke to begin in his quest. Even growing up as the son of his father, the King of Bandits, he still had a rough life. Being so close, yet so very far to the easy life of the rich and the famous of the North made it even rougher. They, the people of the North with their fancy clothing and silver spoons, they who payed no attention to the hive of filth just a few miles south.

The young bard made a decision that night, following that simple thought: he would be better than them. Better than the murderers, the swindlers. Better than the businessmen and the counts and dukes up north. He would be better than all of them, he would have all the fame, the glory, the gold.

Does that mean he’s above lying his way to the better path? No. Will he help a few innocent people along his journeys? Probably. Does that mean he won’t leave a few dead in his path to become a legend? Not at all. Will he save a few, when everything is said and done? Definitely. In the end, no matter what he does to become that legend he wants to be, it will be all worth it once he, the Prince of Bandits becomes King of the Bards.

Besheke Ma'iingan

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