Vult Ampiere

A Young Spritz who Saved his Friends


(3rd of Sun Stir, 1559AP- 25th of Earth Stir, 1564AP)
Vult Ampiere was an energetic Blitzer Spritz. A young upstart fresh out of his village, he was always curious about the world. Most spritz gain one quality from their wolf ancestors that sticks out more than anything else, and for Vult, it was loyalty. This loyalty extended to the Warriors of Klash, as well as his brother Spritz across the continent. Vult may not have known much about the world, but there was divinity in his purity.

A truly loved companion alongside Rainer, Rhasja, Rogue, Valthior, Karrion, Catori, Andalusia, Atticus, Besheke, and Valaius, Vult Ampiere died as a warrior deserves to: clutching spear in hand and fighting alongside his dearest friends. He was not alone in his final moments, clutched in the arms of a Daemid who, for the first time in his life, shed a tear, although this act of sympathy and sadness was shared only between him and his departed friend. Vult unleashed a hellstorm of lightning on all of surrounding enemies, and surely they would not be here today were it not for his sacrifice. He was a loyal friend until the end, and while some say this was his downfall, the Heroes of Aedrian would disagree. They would say this was the young Spritzen’s strongest attribute, and the thing that made him such a dependable friend, a friend that made the perilous plunge into Bastion worth it, and who rewarded the kindness of his friends tenfold. Vult Ampiere, you will be missed.

Vult Ampiere

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