Rainer Skint

A Monster Hunter who will Live Down his Title


Rainer Skint, also known as the Executioner of Eagles’ nest, is a Monster Hunter from the Roil, the fiercest country in Klash. As a Monster Hunter, Rainer has qualities that are enhanced through experimentation. His perception is unrivaled, and his detective skills are as sharp as a tack. With precision, he wields two longswords, one of steel and one of silver. He is a charter member to the newest formation of the Bureau, an organization of Monster Hunters, and is currently under the employ of Valthior, to find his stolen love.

Through his travels with the heroes of Aedrian, Rainer has developed a sense of comraderie with his newfound friends which grows stronger every time he travels with the group.

Recently, alongside Wren Silver, the two have established a Roiler’s Bureau guild office within the city of Des Mois. Rainer has been put in charge of combat and survival training for the new recruits.

Rainer Skint

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