Catori na Baghi

A Beastkin who will Bring Retribution to the Beast Hunters


Catori na Baghi is a Beastkin girl from the cold forests of Southern Ulakaum, known as the “Lands of the Beastkin.” Born into Baghi, the clan of the tigers, she was born as the others in her clan were, with a tiger in her hand. Her and the cub she had been given, Koda, were inseparable, and they learned to hunt and feed one another as soon as they could walk. When Catori was 12, however, Beast Hunters raided her village and killed every tiger and protector and left Baghi in ruins. Only thanks to her stealthy cunning did her and Koda manage to survive. They left the forest, and entered Solstik, a land of danger for all but Beastkin, who could befriend the beasts there at a moments’ notice. She inevitably was captured and sold along with Koda into slavery, which came in the form of an apprenticeship under a Smith, who forced her to make armor and weapons for the very people who sought to kill and capture the beasts she held so sacred. Eventually, she crafted legendary gear and swords that the smith dubbed as “truly worthy of his shop.” That night, she slipped into the gear, donning the armor she so proudly crafted, leaving for lands unknown. Inside the Trade Lands, she traded her works for training to a sellsword Spritz named Bolt. After being trained, she felt she was ready to reclaim Baghi, and went north. Before she got there, though, she encountered a rogue clan of Beast Hunters who challenged her, nearly killing Catori and cutting off Koda’s left arm. Barely alive, she went to Solace, where rumors of a Tinker by the name of Flux learned secrets of prosthetics. After going there and training under Flux, Catori made Koda’s prosthetic, but it was nothing more than steel and Tarkanium. Begging Andalusia, a sorceress looking for her sister in Solace, to help her, she finally broke down and infused the prosthetic with Empowered Magic, granting simulated life to the arm, and making it work even better than Koda’s real arm. Catori and Koda now train diligently within the walls of Solace to become better than the Beast Hunters and to restore the Baghi clan back to its full strength.


Catori na Baghi

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