Warriors of Klash: Reclamation

Episode 1: Aedrian City

Crew Meetup

Introduced Rhasja, Vult, Rainer, Valthior, and Rogue.

The group talked to Sir Raleigh Waiss inside the Hearty Lion after meeting the barkeep, Cirque de Aedrian, and accepted a mission to clear the Burgoise Bandits from their outpost.

Rhasja and Valthior talked to a Soldier. This soldier apprehended the two and sent them to the mayor, Ciel de Faux. Ciel let them off with a warning after Valthior’s sharp diplomacy helped them out.

Rogue met a strange, cloaked figure. He reveals a much higher wage if the group moves to the next town instead of staying in Aedrian. Rogue says he’d have to think about it.

Rainer talked to a scared man in the street, named Doorken. Doorken reveals that he used to be the right hand man to the mayor, but that the mayor hasn’t been acting himself lately. He believes that the mayor isn’t who he says he is, considering he fired Doorken without even being there to tell him in person.


Karrion Karrion

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