Warriors of Klash: Reclamation

Episode 2: Bastion

A Plunge into Mystery

After the liberation of Aedrian City, the group meets Karrion, who was working on teleportation crystals in the city. After meeting a mysterious traveler from Triniak, the group and Karrion head that to northern Triniak to investigate the possible location of Valthior’s Spritzen enemy.

Through a strange chain of events, Vult disappears as the group sleeps in a cave, and as they plunged into the darkness of the deeper crevice of their temporary house, they pass out from a strange ringing in their ears.

When they awake, they are within Bastion, granted passage by a blind gatekeeper after gaining strange eye markings on their bodies.

Inside this strange city, the group went into the local tavern and quickly realized that the inhabitants were not only hostile, they were barely human. After defeating the residents of the bar, the group went outside to discover the library (where Karrion wanted to go) was being set alight by even more strange people.

After killing the people, Karrion recklessly entered the library, sustaining heavy burns, but gained a locked journal and a map, which Karrion quickly deciphered as a map of the “Cathedral District.”
The heroes made their way to the local clinic, where they met a young healer, Isophica. The terrified nurse welcomed the motley crew, and revealed that she was treating several patients, one of which was missing an arm and leg. Immediately, a horrible thud was heard from outside, and quickly the nurse shows the group a hidden room behind a bookcase.

After holding their breath and praying to not be heard by the beast, it leaves and they exit, finding that the creature had taken one of the struggling patients stricken by the strange disease that choked this city.


Karrion Karrion

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