Warriors of Klash: Reclamation

Episode 1: Aedrian City

Liberating Aedrian

The group enters the city, not to praise for clearing the mansion of bandits, but instead to swords drawn. They are imprisoned for trespassing on Burgoise Manor, and thrown in jail. Inside the jail, they meet a curious person: Ciel de Faux, the real mayor.

After fully realizing that the Burgoise Bandits had taken Aedrian City, the group decides they must take it back. Rogue pickpockets the guard and releases the group and they all don Aedrian Guard uniforms. Once safely back at the Hearty Lion, they orchestrate a plan. Late at night, Rhasja meets with the guard that tried to arrest him to begin with, asking her to bring a meal to the mayor.

Struck by Rhasja’s strong gifts of persuasion and rugged looks, she agrees, and does so the following day. After the fake mayor eats the food, he promptly collapses, dead. Unfortunately, the guard was still around, and the other guards beat her to death in the streets, as Rogue looked on in terror.

After the group killed many of the guards in the mayor’s house, the other ones realized that the jig was up, and retreated into their true base, Burgoise Outpost. Our heroes followed, eventually coming to this powerful base. It was here that the expert bowman Valthior killed one of the guards stationed on a watchtower, while the others went through a gap in the fence to infiltrate the camp.

Rogue also fired, but missed his shot, almost resulting in an alarm being sounded, but luckily an expert shot from Rainer’s Crossbow made quick work of him. Rogue snuck into what ended up being the barracks, and as he entered, the door creaked, waking the men up.

The group made a last stand in the mess hall, and Rogue activated his ultimate ability, Lifeblood, draining all enemies around them as they killed them all off, one by one.
One final guard ran off and warned the apparent leader of the camp, Burgoise de Aedrian, and a fierce battle ensued.

After the defeat of Burgoise, the group was finally welcomed to Aedrian as heroes, everyone praising their names and drinks were given out for free for the success of the mission. The rightful mayor rehired Doorken, gave out gold, as well as Burgoise Manor to the group for reclaiming the town as the people’s once more.


Karrion Karrion

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