Warriors of Klash: Reclamation

Episode 1: Aedrian City

The Plot Thickens

At the behest of Sir Raleigh Waiss, the crew decides to go to Burgoise Manor to clear it of the bandits. Rhasja boldly steps up to the mansion and convinces two guards that he wishes to join their rank. The crew watched helplessly as Rhasja went into their lair without the possibility of aid.

After some time, Rhasja was permitted into the secret underground room that housed their leader, but strangely enough, it wasn’t Burgoise, but rather one of his underlings, named Soril. Soril revealed after Rhasja was in too deep that he was the leader of the watch responsible for guarding the ocean when Rhasja attacked in Al’alade’eme. Now, he planned on getting payback in the form of branding Rhasja a traitor and forcing him to serve under Soril.

Rhasja had other plans, as the group snuck in and waited for the right moment to enter the secret chambers.

He activated his ultimate ability, Rhasja’s Persuasion, and got a few guards on his side, as everyone else piled into the room. After a near death of Rhasja, the group was successful in defeating Soril, Rhasja obtained Soril’s Scimitar as a reward, and the group investigated the room, discovering a variety of Aedrian Guard uniforms, proving that the guards of the city were most likely the bandits themselves.


Karrion Karrion

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